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 Lawn Care Services

The key to implementing a successful organic lawn care program is consistency. We offer a patent pending six step program that is customized to your lawn. Based on your lawns needs you can select one of our three standard programs to help your lawn reach its full genetic potential…without the use of chemicals.

Basic Organic Lawn Care Program

Our Basic Organic Lawn Care Program will give your lawn everything it needs to address the immediate needs of the lawn, tackle weeds, build the soil profile and the lawn's immune system, so your lawn will be more disease and insect resistant than ever. This program consists of 6 applications. We biologically enhance the soil as well as feed the lawn throughout the spring, summer and fall season. 

Basic PLUS Organic Lawn Care Program

This 7 step program is everything mentioned in the Basic Program PLUS one additional application you choose based your specific lawns needs.
Your  choice of:  (1) an additional summer or winter herbicide treatment, or (2) a lime or gypsum application.
The seventh application price is the same as the price one "Basic Organic Lawn Care" application as shown above.  

Custom Program

Improve the turf density and weeds eventually become a distant memory. Our Platinum Program gives you everything mentioned in both of the programs above, plus core aeration and drop seeding